game of thrones; color analysis [insp]

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Triggers arent serious, its people making a big deal out of nothing, thats the problem with the vocal minority on tumblr, thats why the internet hates you (tumblr and you)
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Apr 20
dean, stefan, bonnie


  • OTP: Sam/Dean
  • BrOTP Friendship/Interaction: Dean/Benny, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Lisa, Dean/Mary
  • OT3: Dean/Sam/Cas, Dean/Sam/John
  • NOTP: Dean/Cas


  • OTP: Damon/Stefan (Fanon/Incest/pre-S4)
  • BrOTP Friendship/Interaction: Stefan/Elena, Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Lexi, Stefan/Klaus, Stefan/Bonnie, Stefan/Rebekah (pre-S4)
  • OT3: Stefan/Klaus/Rebekah
  • NOTP: Damon/Stefan (Canon), Stefan/Katherine 

Bon Bon:

  • OTP: Bonnie/a show that doesn’t treat her like trash, Bonnie/friends who don’t treat her like a tool
  • BrOTP Friendship/Interaction: Bonnie/Stefan, Bonnie/Caroline, Bonnie/Jamie, Bonnie/Grams, Bonnie/Matt, Bonnie/Tyler
  • OT3: Bonnie/her parents, Bonnie/Caroline/Elena
  • NOTP: Bonnie/Damon

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good fan fics that not enough people read 


not so good fan fics that have millions of read and 100 fan trailers, ship tag, fic tag, manips, fan accounts…


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happy easter

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happy easter everyone ive had this joke in my queue since january

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to people that sleep with their bedroom doors open:you are brave but you are going to die young

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Apr 20
sam winchester, jeremy gilbert


  • OTP: Sam/Dean
  • BrOTP Friendship/Interaction: Sam/Cas, Sam/Jody, Sam/Jess, Sam Madison, Sam/Meg Sam/a lot of people
  • OT3: Sam/John/Dean, Sam/Dean/Cas
  • NOTP: Sam/Gabriel, Sam/Lucifer (the fluffy ooc ‘luci is the only person who cares about him :(((( kind, I’m always here for dark!Samifer though)


  • OTP: Jeremy/Elena
  • BrOTP Friendship/Interaction: Jeremy/Bonnie, Jeremy/Liv (shhhh), Jeremy/Stefan (pre-S4), Jeremy/Vicki
  • OT3: Jeremy/Matt/Tyler, Jeremy/Jenna/Elena
  • NOTP: Jeremy/Damon, Jeremy/Damon/Elena, Jeremy/Anna